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Another weirdo.

Yes. So what? No use trying to hide it,
this industry is a weirdo magnet anyway.

Hi! I’m Yan btw. Nice to meet you. I write copy. It’s below.
Can we please not talk about work in the about section?
I want this thing to be more uplifting.

So! My major passions are game design and Prog Rock.
And Wikipedia. I spend more hours procrastinating
on Wikipedia than I otherwise should. At least it ain't Reddit lol
None of which are working hours. I promise.

I also love psychedelia, but that’s quite a longer story.
You’ll eventually find more about my take
on the subject around here. Look closely.

I hope I might be the right weirdo for you.

And if I am, ︎  ︎  ︎  ︎  ︎ are here for us to chat 
a bit more, but please: make it less weird next time.