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LS for Dummies:

Lysergic Storytelling

“If you’re going to do something, do it properly.”
Ancient Chinese Proverb Late Sanskrit Dictum


The world’s first ever guided meditation
through a Disney ride at Sundance
using dark light painting and cheese balls.

Personal Project


Take a deep breath.
If you feel it then it’s real.

I’ll skip the 1960’s “mind-blowing-life-changing” yada yada. Yes, it’s all that. But more than a way to induce catharsis or cure depression, psychedelics are unexplored media.

A properly crafted lysergic narrative operates in its own level of storytelling, joyfully playing around with our own pre-formed opinions, concepts and archetypes.

Just like advertising, right? Except I’m not trying to sell stuff. Just good vibes and a different world perspective.

Just like advertising, right? Anyway.

Those narratives allow us to create stories that otherwise cannot be told. The heightened sensibility and synesthesia fueled by psychedelics are required to access tailor-made trippy content and make sense out of it.

It may sound esoteric, but I assure you it’s empirical.

Lysergic Storytelling, by its very definition, doesn’t work out of context because the experience is all about the juggle of feelings, not reason. And it’s hard to rationalize when your ears discover that red and purple lights taste differently.

Yet here I am, trying to crash course Recruiters and Creative Directors on how to properly do drugs indulge in creative psychedelic content. On my portfolio.

What a time to go down the rabbit hole.

in construction...

check back around 2021 :)